When your clinic thrives, so does your community.

We’re partnering with primary care providers in rural America to optimize their practices, improve their experience, and ensure their legacies.

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Get back to why you started your practice.

Clinics in rural communities are filled with amazing people, but are often challenged by administrative, operational, and financial constraints, which can keep you from what matters most  - caring for your patients. At RHG, we give you the freedom to get back to why you started your practice, all while honoring your team and local community.

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We don’t just acquire clinics, we empower them to care for their communities.

We believe the health of rural communities starts with the clinics that serve them. Whether you’re looking to grow your practice or transition to retirement, RHG helps you achieve your goals and create a lasting legacy by investing in more resources, implementing operational enhancements, and bringing modern technology necessary for your clinic and community to thrive.

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RHG’s vision of investing in health care for rural America made this an ideal partnership for our clinics and staff. RHG has helped us create a better team environment, while bringing professional resources to help us provide better care in our communities.

David Castor, MD
Physician & Founder, Smoky Mountain Urgent Care

Your brand. Your legacy. Our model.

What you've built matters and has roots that run deep. We recognize that. Our goal is to amplify its impact.

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If you own a clinic and are ready to partner with someone as passionate
about improving your community as you are, please reach out.

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